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Jay’s United Karate Studio

Jay’s United Karate Studio is one of 17 schools in the United organization. United Karate Studios nationwide pride themselves with high moral character. The person who is willing to try, to do, and finally accomplish will be successful in the art and in life. The discipline, perseverance, and hard work which are required will result in a student’s self satisfaction and a job well done.

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Come visit us at our dojo. We’re right down the street from the Atlanta Falcons complex next to Papa Johns. Instructions by certified Black Belt Instructors. We have 2 large martial arts floors, 2 viewing areas, a Pro Shop, and dressing rooms, also a strengthening area with weight machines and pullup bars.

IMG_1446Ben Kiker’s 41st Annual Tri-State Tournament 

Another amazing representation by the students and leaders at Jay’s United Karate! We are proud of everyone who came out to compete.

Sparring NightWhat’s Happening Now

We spar regularly at Jay’s United. Sparring helps us practice techniques we’ve learned in class and keeps our reflexes and timing sharp. Remember: the family that kicks together, sticks together!

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  • Testimonials

    My husband and I went to 3 different karate studios before comming to United. We came and observed a class, my son was included like he had been part of the karate family for years he was the youngest on the floor and no one treated him any differently. He has learned to listen and his …

    Elizabeth Andrews - Parent

    United Karate is a wonderful family oriented dojo.  The instructors focus on the children being respectful and goal driven and on how to protect themselves. There is no other dojo I would choose for my children to learn karate.

    Ashley Rubin - Parent

    I enoy the excitement that my daughter has for karate.  United Karate has a warm and friendly atmosphere teaching discipline and respect for the art of karate.

    Brandy Burdett - Parent

    United Karate has become a second family. They have provided the opportunity for my daughter to grow as a person and gain confidence in herself. Being in karate instills the positive things we want our children to have, like work ethics, focus on their activities, and respect for others.

    Willita Hutto - Parent

    My kids grades have improved and they are now listening better! United Karate was the best thing we’ve ever done for our kids.

    Ellen Standish - Parent

    We now have a family of 3 Black Belts! Training with each other all the way to Black Belt has enabled us to constantly help one another in and out of the studio. Absolutely the best thing a family could do together! Thanks United!

    The West Family - United Black Belts

    The discipline, respect, and humility I’ve developed as a young man has truly been because of United.  I’ve learned that when others give up, I will continue to persevere!

    Nick West - Student

    United Karate has become my second home. The respect it teaches is second to none and I’ve been able to keep in great shape! Go United!

    Eric Bate - United Black Belt